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ArtTram Annual Activities

Here are the ArtTram activities offered to our members. Most of these activities are included in the cost of membership but additional costs may be required when ArtTram incurs expenses such as; room rental, advertising banners or live models fees. For certain activities and exhibitions, ArtTram retains a commission of 10% to 20% on sold artwork.

For any questions, do not hesitate to contact us


Annual Art Fair ($)

Annual Art Fair where the artists of ArtTram present their new creations to the Monterois public. A vernissage launches the activities of the Salon.


Library Exhibition

ArtTram artists exhibit annually at the Reginald J-P-Dawson Library.   A vernissage is organized for members.

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Our artists tell their stories

Artists who wish to share with other members the history of their art.   These sessions are done by Zoom or in person.


This week's Artist

Weekly publication in the newspaper The TMR Post, of ArtTram artist of the week.


Our artists are the talk of the town  

In addition to covering ArtTram  activities, the local press occasionally chooses a member artist for an individual report. These articles are published on our website.

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Home page

The artworks of ArtTram artists are published according to events and seasons on the ArtTram Home page.


Artists in the Park ($)

Annual summer activity where ArtTram artists take advantage of the good weather to exhibit their artworks to visitors of Connaught Park.             


Dupond & Dupont exhibition

Individual exhibition for a month at the restaurant Dupond & Dupont. Poster and artist of the week at the same time.

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The works of our artists are regularly published on our Facebook network


Multicultural Fair

Participation of ArtTram artists in the annual Multicultural Fair organized by Town of Mount Royal           

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Individual Gallery on the ArtTram website

Our artists can create their own Virtual Gallery on the ArtTram website, which can be modified according to new creations

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Virtual Exhibitions

ArtTram has developed the necessary knowledge to mount virtual exhibitions when the situation requires it. 

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 Atelier ArtTram ($)

Live model atelier offered to artists who wish to participate.                                                                                                                                            

2023-09 Irene Giannetti.jpg

Exhibition Showcase Recreation Centre

One-month long individual exhibition, Showcase at the TMR Recreation Centre, small formats only.

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The works of our artists are regularly published on our Instagram account

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Cultural Days

Participation of ArtTram artists during Quebec's les Journées de la culture in conjunction with Reginald JP Dawson Library in the Town of Mount Royal

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Personal Exhibitions

ArtTram allows its artists to advertise their personal exhibitions through the folder FORUM of the website.

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ArtTram Virtual Store

This occasional shop allows our artists to offer small format artworks for sale.

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