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About us

Originally known as, "Table Ronde sur l'Art de Mont-Royal" (TRAM), ArtTram is a non-profit association made up of volunteer members who are passionate about art and committed to its promotion and development, for the benefit of its members and for the environment in which it flourishes.

Founded at the beginning of the millennium (2000), its members have succeeded in establishing themselves on the local municipal scene by holding an annual art fair, known as the Salon d'Art, by organizing exhibitions in local businesses and by creating or supporting initiatives that contribute to the teaching and appreciation of art.

From its very beginnings, ArtTram has received the tactical and financial support of the Town of Mount Royal, which has continually provided it with office space in either of several municipal buildings, and as well as unwavering collaboration to help carry out its activities.

ArtTram, which over the years has seen as many as 115 members at a time, presently counts roughly 75 artists from both the local and neighbouring areas.

Since its inception ArtTram has also benefitted from the financial support of numerous commercial and institutions including banks, real estate offices, restaurants and shops. Its annual Salon has become a regularly anticipated event attracting locals and non residents in great numbers. Through its various management styles ArtTram has strived to be an inclusive, active and efficiently managed organization, continually adapting to the changing environment, the needs and creative interests of its members as well as its offerings to the public at large. 

Each year, ArtTram innovates in one way or another: new officers on the board of directors who put their skills at its service; new members who bring new blood to our teams and our exhibitions; new image better suited to today's tastes; new website, easier to access and easier to keep up to date; more flexibility in our ways of doing things; better contacts with local media, all in an atmosphere of frank camaraderie and inclusion.


Without false modesty, we can proudly state that ArtTram is an association of dedicated volunteers who continue to respond to its original mission and goals of its founders. We look forward to carrying on in the same manner for many years to come.

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