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Iacono, Joyce

Acrylic and mixed media




Joyce’s florals and landscapes are a free form of bold expressionism. She displays dynamic brushstrokes, saturated color with loose interpretations of realism that push the paintings towards lush and harmonious expressive works. Joyce doesn't set out with a specific end result. That element of the "unexpected" gives her unlimited freedom during the creative process.

Joyce’s work have been sold within Canada and internationally (France, Abu Dhabi, Lebanon, Chicago) and featured in galleries throughout Quebec and Ontario (Muskoka and Sarnia). You can find her latest works on her Instagram profile and of course in select exhibitions and galleries that feature her work.

Featured galleries:

- Auburn Gallery of Fine Art - Muskoka, Ont
- Artopia Gallery - Sarni, Ont
- Le HangArt Gallerie - Old Montreal
- M Galerie - L'assomption, QC
- Galerie 806 - St-Jovite, QC
- Galerie MA Beliveau - St-Sauveur, QC
- Cistern Gallerie - Laval, Qc
- Hachem - Laval, Qc

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